Site last updated 5/23/2013


Our 2014 Linear Appraisal was a great success and learning experience! One of the highlights of the day was  AGS Yonderhill Appoline earning a EEVE 90! All other animals did very well also.


We had a great time at the Progressive Dairy Goat Show in 2014! Our Appoline continued to perform well winning GCH and then BOB under Todd Biddle. God's Love Farm A Ethel also won a Reserve Champion under Tom Cox!  


About Us:

We began our herd Nigerian Dwarf Goats in 2008 and ever since then we have been dedicated to breeding quality dairy goats.  We have  enjoyed the variety of products that can be made from our goat's delicious milk also.


Herd health is of utmost importance to us, therefore we only purchase from clean and tested herds. Our herd is vaccinated yearly and supplemented accordingly.


We attend approximately ten goat shows annually and linear appraise our herd yearly. At our first appraisal in 2013 we couldn't have been happier with the results and comments of the appraiser.


Even though Nigerian Dwarf Goats are the main focus of our farm we also breed AKC Doberman Pinschers and own,ride and train horses. We also raise pigs for the wonderful products we can make from their meat and have chickens for their delicious eggs in order to follow our goal towards self-sufficiency. We also soon hope to add cattle to our farm.



ADGA Registered Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats